Thabilé is an aspiring artist from Soweto, South Africa. Her natural, gentle and strong voice combines elements of jazz, soul and traditional African music.
The lyrics in Thabilé's debut album "Dlamini Echo" are inspired by her experiences of being raised in post-Apartheid South Africa, and many different life stories of women.
In addition to her breathtakingly warm voice, the Stuttgart-based South African fascinates her audience through her captivating stage performance. Together with her band, she invites you to join her on an evening to dream, travel and dance.

About the debut album "Dlamini Echo":
Her debut album bears the name of the township "Dlamini", the part of Soweto where she was born. The album will be released by the world music label Bimsum Production in April 2018.
In 16 hybrid acoustic songs between the different genres (Pop, Jazz, Soul, Afrobeat & Latin) and with an African common thread, she nostalgically tells of the echo of her life in Dlamini.

Thabilés upcoming shows

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23|Mar 2019 Gewölbekeller Bühlertalö

04|Apr 2019 DIE FABRIK Frankfurt

06|Apr 2019 St. Bonifatius Kirche Böblingen

09|Apr 2019 TV Sendung "Gott sei Dank" Wetzlar

10|Apr 2019 Kursaal 3 Sylt

11|Apr 2019 Palette Kappeln

12|Apr 2019 ONE WORLD Reinstorf

23|Mai 2019 Kulturmarkt Zürich

01|Jun 2019 Africa Festival Würzburg

13|Sep 2019 Kulturzentrum St. Barbara Lichtentanneé

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